Flying Star Chart for 2014 (Feb. 4, 2014 – Feb.3, 2015)

Flying Star for 2014

This year we have number 4 in the centre.2014 flying star

According to Flying stars Feng Shui, there are 9 types of energies that are represented by numbers. And each Flying Star has a specific meaning.

#1 element water – Academic success, social position, good name wisdom, intelligence and travel.
#2 element earth – Sickness, miscarriage stomach & digestion problems, real estate problems
#3 element wood – Arguments, hot temper, aggressive
#4 element wood – Sex scandals, adultery, study & arts
#5 element earth – Misfortune, trouble, accidents
#6 element metal – Legal troubles, authority problems, migraine, and headache
#7 element metal – Scandals, disharmony, operation, robbery, competitive, sex diseases
#8 element earth – Conventional Wealth (due to work), harmony in relationships
#9 element fire – Unconventional wealth (sudden), popular, beauty, wedding & celebration

Because we are in period of 8 (2004 – 2024), #8 is most auspicious energy and #9 as coming period energy and then #1 as near future energy. The worst stars are 5, 2, 7 and 3.  When you prepare your living/working spaces, you have to keep in mind which stars are visiting each year/month addition to the “permanent” flying stars which are the stars existing since the completion and first occupation of the building. The calculation of the “permanent” flying star is more technical but everybody can prepare your own space for the “Year” star and/or the “Month” star. There are the “Day” star and the “Hour” star as well, but we are all too busy and a bit impractical to deal with fast changing stars.

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