Meet Taeko



In 1997, Taeko first became interested in Feng Shui when she encountered the work of Grand Master Lillian Too. She continued to practice Feng Shui for more than ten years — applying it to her life and surroundings — before taking courses and receiving the title of Master Consultant from Too in 2012. 

Today, Taeko continues to research different schools of Feng Shui and Destiny, most recently having studied under Grand Master Raymond Lo in 2013. Under his guidance, Taeko graduated from Lo’s School of Feng Shui and Destiny, having completed the Feng Shui Practitioner Training Programme — a program that covers the study of Feng Shui, Four Pillars of Destiny, I-Chine Divination, and which is endorsed by the International Feng Shui Association. 

Having been born in Japan, Taeko was raised with an awareness of the general traditions of Feng Shui and design practice. In Japanese the practice is called “KASOU” — literally translated as “physiognomy of the house.” There are many similarities between Japanese Kasou and Chinese Feng Shui. 

Learning traditional Chinese Feng Shui has, and continues to, enlighten, and as she learns more her fascination with this ancient knowledge grows. 

Taeko enjoys practicing Feng Shui to help people achieve peace of mind.